What I can do for you

Writing & editing services

Help your writing soar with my full suite of writing services. I offer support ranging from drafting entire documents to polishing your manuscript with thoughtful line edits and copyediting. I specialize in scientific and medical editing, and have served Federal, nonprofit, and academic clients. I’m pleased to assist with white papers, grant applications, and general policy documents.

Coaching & consultations

It’s not easy to slog through a whole writing project, so here I am to help with motivation, project management skills, and tips to get you from the blank page to a complete manuscript, or just to pep talk you through a particularly rocky patch. My human performance training background and years of highly-rated classroom teaching ensure we’ll get closer to your goals. I’m positive I’ll even have you smiling as we go!

Alpha & Beta reading

Get your book fit before sending it to agents (or just hold a mini workshop with me to finesse certain sections.) I can be your first reader, offering advice on possible pathways forward, or I can beta read to give you a sense of how readers will likely respond to your work. Either way, I’m invested in realizing your book’s full potential, and promise to take a very supportive, constructive approach.

Something else?

Maybe you don’t have specific writing goals yet, or maybe your project is in its infancy? I’m here for brainstorming, custom projects, and general problem solving. I’m comfortable working with a wide range of topics, from biomedical sciences to poetry. We can address the submissions process, curriculum development, even qualitative coding — whatever is on your mind, let’s bring your best work to life.

“Feel free to put me down as a reference, for this or, quite frankly, anything else. You were awesome to work with.”

Former colleague

My process: we’ll start by a) discussing the scope of your project, b) building a roadmap to reach your goals, and c) completing an initial estimate of services so we’re both on the same page about rates and deliverables. I aim to impress you with speed, thoroughness, attention to detail, and an ear for the exact tone you’d like your project to strike. Let’s talk!

cyan.james at gmail dot com