Diagnosis + Services

Of course you want to avoid bad writing like the plague. But how? By getting to the beating heart of what you mean. I use evidence-based ways to get your words into shape so they can do their job. I’ve prepped some service package ideas to get us started:

The Annual Exam

Your content has great bones, but could use a check-up. My proofreading and basic copyediting services are a good match if your text is:

  • Bloated or should lose a little weight. I’ll trim your word count.
  • Messy, lumpy, or unsightly. I’ll proof it and make it pretty. No more typos or awkwardness.
  • Passive. I’ll inject active verbs and voice to give it a stronger pulse.

Outpatient Surgery

So your content needs a little more work. No problem! With my in-depth editorial services, we’ll have your words up and running, STAT. Consider this option if your text is:

  • Still growing. I’ll shape it into a solid narrative that makes sense.
  • Choppy, with gaps in its structure. I’ll fill in the words you need (kind of like bones knitting.)
  • Out of order. I’ll reorder it until it’s a streamlined thing of beauty.

Complex Surgery

Maybe your content seems really…sick, or maybe it doesn’t even exist. As a developmental editor, I’ll use my steady hands and eagle eyes to operate until things are where they should be. Or I’ll craft exactly what you need, including fresh text. Pick this if your document is:

  • A stage 4 mess, or has too many metastasizing voices. I’ll make it coherent and cohesive.
  • Taking its last gasp. I’ll give it some serious CPR, electrifying it with every volt I’ve got in my editorial operating suite. Stand back!
  • MIA. I’ll get into my lab and create a stunning text from scratch (no mutations or monsters, I promise.)